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MYÖS is a Helsinki based collective, party platform and co-care network for genre-fluid electronic music DJs, VJs, producers, organizers, party lovers and allies of currently underrepresented actors in the local club scene, and anyone in favor of a safer space to party in.

We want to encourage and support emerging artists and producers to perform and get to know each other. We want to increase diversity, inclusivity and respectful behaviour in the local party scene to make it more welcoming and safer for all of us. We want the freedom to perform, dress and be as one wishes without having to deal with unwanted attention or harassment. We want to experiment with collective ways of organising events where everyone can shine at what they feel good with – each one teach one and for us by us.

MYÖS works as a non-profit organisation devoted to antiracist & intersectional operation currently acting on a voluntary basis without third party funding. MYÖS emerged in early 2018 and registered as an organisation later the same year.

We have created a number of self produced events, workshops as well as commissioned performances, lectures and collaborations. Our supporters and collaborators include the likes of Dodo ry., Turku Modern festival, Baltic Circle festival, Urbanapa, Mad House, Publics, TUO TUO, Grafia, Amos Rex, Helsingin feministinen salaseura, Ruisrock, Pehmee, Hangö Teaterträff festival, The Finnish Museum of Photography, Bassoradio, Kontur magazine, Tölö Gymnasiet FinnAgora & UniArts Helsinki. We also host a monthly radio show on IDA Helsinki (

In event organising we strive to fulfill following principles:

- create accessible & physically, socially and financially inclusive events
- consider inclusive admission, preferably donation based/ pay what u can/ possibility to apply exemption for payment
- have safer space policies communicated and agreed on upon arrival; strictly no toleration of any kind of discrimination, prejudice, harassment or unwanted attention towards anyone
- provide access to basic needs: food, water, clean toilet, air, shelter, safety
- create possibilities for sharing & learning (workshops/ open decks/ lectures/ publications)
- respect the environment
- be considerate if taking or publishing photos
- have a recognisable and educated staff to contact
- curating diverse lineups
- put effort in thoughtful & creative spatial design


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