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power. not of force, but of shared intent.
our resistance, bound by purpose.
we will grow louder.

You are warmly welcomed to MYÖS MINIFESTIVAL that consists of two events,

Together again party on Friday 8.9. 22-05
POWER party on Saturday 9.9. 22-05


Karjalankatu 2, 2nd floor. Google Maps


FRIDAY 8.9. | Together again party

Myös (b2b)

Johny Empress (live)

Trabelsi & Suinner (b2b)

Pink-187 (dj)

Mora (dj)

SATURDAY 9.9. | POWER party

Xingrui (dj)

Fuckhsl (dj)

Kuu (dj)

Blushie (dj)

Yass (dj)

Exploited Body (dj)

TICKETS – help the grass-root to grow louder

By purchasing a support ticket for the MYÖS Collective event on September 8-9, 2023, you will contribute to the collective's crowdfunding for their own sound system.

15 € per day


There is no accessible toilet in the facility. Toilet door openings are 61 cm wide. There are no thresholds in the toilets or elsewhere in the space.

The space is located on the 2nd floor. The access to there is by an elevator that is wheelchair accessible. The elevator door is 79 cm wide. The space also has a completely barrier-free elevator, which has access over the threshold.

There is a gentle uphill about 100 m to the bus and tram stops on Karjalankatu. Tram 3 and bus 23 go to the stops.

You are able to exit the building at all times. We will monitor the capacity during the event and update the situation on Telegram.

Age limit for this event is 18.

We have worked on MYÖS safer space policies for our events. There will be people appointed as safer space hosts. We also encourage all attendees to take responsibility for each other and the space together as well as upholding and improving the safer space practices. We are happy to receive any feedback on the practices in use!


Please be mindful when taking pictures in the event. No pictures on the dancefloor. You can film performers and performances but be mindful of not taking space/standing on the way when doing it. We encourage you to leave your phone in your jacket pocket / bag in the cloakroom.


The MYÖS Collective is an intersectional and feminist community and electronic music event platform that has been organising independent urban events and workshops since 2018.

One of the non-profit MYÖS's principles is to lend event equipment, such as CDJs, free of charge to other independent operators. Now, we are expanding our equipment with our own suitable sound system for events.

The sound system is being commissioned from sound designer Tatu Nenonen, and its construction along with materials costs €8,000.

Together again is a full-day art and cultural festival by the network of Finnish cultural and scientific institutes and POWER is a symposium of talks by the design festival, Post.Design. Minifestival organized by MYÖS is an afterparty for both of these events.